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Garage Storage Project Near Kilbourn Park

A couple of months ago, we talked with Paul, the owner of The Awesomer and 95Octane blogs, and his wife Gigi. Paul is a cool guy (one could say he’s an “awesomer” guy, but we won’t go there), and he loves trying out new products and trends that are related to cars and tech. We pitched them a project for their garage, and they were excited to work on this with us. Together, we came up with some awesome ideas.


garage with cars before flooring
Garage with cars before makeover.
Before shelving
Garage before storage system installed.

The homeowners have a standard two-car external garage. We all know the term “two-car garage” can sometimes be deceiving when someone uses it for storage. Paul said, “The simple act of moving two cars in and out and being able to open their doors without banging into anything has been a challenge.” He would often hit his head on the bikes exiting his vehicle. Gigi is a big golfer and wanted to store her gear off the ground. Basically, we needed to get everything off the floor and open the space up for the both of them.

In addition to the storage, we also wanted to give them a space to showcase their cars. The old floor was a concrete surface that had signs of wear and tear. Some oil stains and splotches were also visible.


Garage after makeover
Garage with new flooring and storage.
95Octane polyurea floor coating and shelving
Finished garage with the car.

We were able to complete both parts of the project in one business day. We installed the shelving in the garage first. Like most homeowners, Paul had a variety of objects that needed to be off of the ground. The shelves handled the bulk of the items, especially boxes and plastic totes. The Monkey Bars hooks attached to the bottom of the shelves held many of the other awkward objects, including Paul’s bikes or gardening equipment. We were also able to hook him up with a wall mounted tire rack, which he used to store his seasonal tire sets.

For the garage flooring, with used a polyurea coating instead of a standard epoxy. Although epoxy is more common, polyurea coatings offer a lot more benefits. Polyurea is more durable than epoxy. It’s more flexible and resistant to scratches. It doesn’t absorb oil or water, so it’s easy to clean up spills with just a wipedown. It won’t peel over time, and it won’t yellow in harsh weather, like many epoxies will. For Paul’s garage, we were able to install a bluish, grey coating that was fully cured within 24 hours. As you can see in the photo above, these types of floors are great for car enthusiasts because they add a showroom feel to a standard garage.

We finished the full installation in one business day. Thanks to Paul and Gigi for being a pleasure to work with!

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