Why Gorgeous Garage?

One of the best advantages of Gorgeous Garage products is that they are designed specifically with you in mind. They are not just cookie cutter products, they are customizable to fit whatever garage storage needs you have.

Life is busy, and garage organization is often put on the back burner. Unfortunately, things in our garage easily add up, making it even more difficult to find a way to store our belongings. But, getting organized with Gorgeous Garage is a breeze. Whether you’re looking to park you car in the garage, organize your sports equipment or find more space in your garage- we have what you need. Stop paying for temporary storage solutions and get your life back. White Rabbit’s Gorgeous Garage products in Chicago, IL are versatile, customized to your needs and made to last a lifetime.

flooring after
Garage after flooring install.


Each garage has a different function for each homeowner. Odds are, you have a lot of different aspects that you want to keep in your garage. However, having to walk or trip over boxes, sports equipment, toys and tools can be frustrating. Plus, it doesn’t help your garage live up to its full potential. Gorgeous Garage products can help you get your belongings off the floor. Take advantage of your walls and ceiling to organize your stuff without using the precious parking spaces. Use our overhead racks to store bulky and seasonal items such as snow boards or seasonal decorations. You can also use our garage shelving to help you store your larger, commonly used items. Using Monkey Bar garage shelving will help give every single one of your items a place to be stored out of sight and mind. Try garage flooring to complete your look. Our flooring tiles and coatings are water, chemical and oil resistant. This means our flooring will keep moisture, dirt and other elements from harming the floor.


Gorgeous Garage products can be customized to fit your needs. There are many different options to choose from to help you complete your dream garage. Gorgeous Garage has all kinds of accessories to help you get organized. Use a ball bag to easily store your basketballs, frisbees, softballs, etc to create an accessible space for all your smaller sports equipment. Use a hose and cord holder to keep garden hoses, air hoses and extension cords neatly wrapped up and out of the way. Try adjustable shelves which can be mounted almost anywhere in the garage and don’t require hooks to store items. Garage Shelving from Gorgeous Garage is the smartest and strongest garage shelving ever designed.

garage install 1
Garage cabinets with Blackhawks poster.

Made To Last

Gorgeous Garage products are made of industrial-grade material that is made to last a lifetime. The shelving holds 1000lbs every 4 feet, so you don’t have to worry about hazards or accidents. Gorgeous Garage uses the strongest materials to construct their cabinets to ensure that the shelves never bow and that the cabinets will last for years to come. The garage flooring options will enhance the attractiveness of your garage while also making the floor easier to clean and maintain. We know that life happens and storage needs change, which is why Gorgeous Garage’s products are designed to adjust. No need to worry about your storage products bending or breaking. Our products are an investment that will change your life.

Here at White Rabbit Home Improvement, we work our magic on garages, basements and commercial spaces across Chicagoland, since 1988. We will convert your disorganized, cluttered space into a custom designed, highly-efficient and visually-appealing space. The Monkey Bar system, with multi-layered storage, helps us maximize space, even in a smaller city garage. White Rabbit offers the latest advancement in concrete coating technology for garage, basement and commercial flooring. Regardless of the current condition of your floor (cracks, pitting or fresh concrete), it will be transformed.

Check out this recent install by White Rabbit. The homeowner, Aldo, needed a laundry room and garage update. Using custom cabinetry, we took the space to the next level. The general manager said this about Aldo’s install, “He was a really fun customer to work with, he had a lot of opinions on design and added some lighting as well. He was so excited after all the work was done that he said he would be a walking billboard for us.”

laundry cabinets 1
New garage workbench.
laundry cabinets 2
New cabinets in laundry room.

It was a great experience for both parties. After the install was finalized, Aldo left a Google review that said, “I’d have given 6 stars but there were only five available. Our experience and outcome far surpassed by our expectations. The team was professional, knowledgeable and thorough from the initial call to Gary, till the very last screw used. John and Anthony delivered a masterpiece garage floor and were super informative through every step of the process. Jim was a master at his craft, installing all our cabinetry with the utmost precision and detail. In all, White Rabbit and the team are a major step above the competition and we could not be pleased. Not using them, in our opinion is a mistake. Top notch work, professional crew, high end products and materials and mind blowing results.”

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