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3 Reasons to Choose Slatwall for Your Garage

When you make the decision to get organized, you want to make sure you have the right information about the available products in the market to choose the garage storage solution that best suits your needs. Slatwall is appealing, versatile and a reliable way to store items in the garage.

Style and Design

The way your garage looks and functions does matter. It’s the first thing you see when you get home. Studies show that decluttering reduces stress and improves your health.

The slatwall you choose should be exactly what you want, whether it’s bright yellow to match your workbench, black to match your car, or on a full or partial wall. Whatever your vision is, easily bring it to life with our multiple slatwall options. If you are unsure what color to choose or where you want it, you can speak with a professional to see what they suggest.

Long-Term Investment

Many people try to decide between investing in garage slatwall or pegboards. Both can work great in a garage depending on one’s storage needs. However, there are some differences to take into consideration before deciding which one will best fit your storage needs.

Because of weight capacity and design, pegboards typically hold less weight and have less versatility on what they can hold. It can get torn off the wall when there is something too heavy being stored on it. Slatwall can hold much more weight. This is good if you have a lot to store, or if your garage storage is growing and you know you will need more space later on.

Slatwall has many accessory options to ensure maximum storage. For example, there are hooks that can hold a bag full of soccer balls, a ladder and much more. You can also invest in wire baskets, hooks or shelves. Most slatwall accessories are interchangeable, so your options won’t run out and the slatwall will never be out of date.

Some garages will have both pegboards and slatwall. Make sure to keep the future in mind when designing your garage. You may want to start storing seasonal items, which can take up a lot of space when trying to find a place in the home. Slatwall will make your life easier.

Utilize Vertical Space

If you’re running out of room for storage in your garage and the floor is getting cluttered, slatwall is perfect for you. Vertical storage is not utilized as often as it should be. Slatwall will not only protect the drywall, but it will hold up your items where the space was not being used. This way you will be able to see your items and easily grab what you need. You will also be able to store some household items, like brooms and jackets, because of the extra room it provides.

Your garage can change with your needs. There are a variety of slatwall accessories to choose from that you can get as your storage needs change. Here are a few of them:

  • Wire basket
  • Hose/cord holder
  • Gear bag
  • Adjustable wall shelves
  • Monkey bar brackets
  • Locking hooks
  • Workbench hooks

With garage slatwall, the floor can be cleared up, and there will be more room for vehicles, a workspace or a home office. Your belongings will last longer and your stress will be able to go down by having an organized garage.

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