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Garage Organization: Exposed or Enclosed, Which Storage Option is Best for You?

Do you feel like your unorganized garage holds you back from doing what you love? White Rabbit is committed to the quality of your life by not only bringing you the best products, but the best solutions in garage storage systems and organization to help you live a more clutter-free life. There are many options for garage organizers including exposed shelving and enclosed cabinetry. Which option would be ideal for your garage? That’s where the team at White Rabbit comes in to help design custom storage solutions for you.

With simple and effective garage storage solutions, you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love while protecting what you own. An organized life is a fulfilling life. We want to help you harmonize your life today by organizing your garage with Gorgeous Garage storage systems.

Exposed shelving like the Monkey Bars multi-layered system, is great for frequently used items. Bikes, lawn tools and sports gear can be stored on your walls. Smaller garage? It’s time to get vertical and maximize your space. Overhead racks, slat wall and shelving can create more use-able space in your garage.

Enclosed shelving like custom cabinets from Gorgeous Garage are ideal for items you like to keep out of sight. The Signature series cabinets are fully backed and protect your items from critters that may enter your garage. Enclosed storage cabinets can extend the closet space in your home to the garage! Jerseys, uniforms, shoes and other household items can be safely stored in these cabinets.

We find that the majority of our designs include a balance of both exposed and enclosed storage, to better suit the needs of our customers. As the custom garage storage experts for over 30 years, White Rabbit can help you achieve an organized garage for years to come.

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