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Building a Chicago Fan Cave Out of Your Garage

During this time without sports, a lot of us in Chicagoland are left wondering what to do with our time. Depending on our age, we watched Ditka dominate the gridiron, MJ change the game of basketball, and the Cubs (finally) win a World Series. More than almost any other place, our sports history is rich, and has had its ups and downs. Many of us never thought we’d see it all go away.

One thing that grabbed our attention during the Covid-19 void of sports is home improvement. Homeowners everywhere are taking a look at their properties and making needed changes. That being said, why not take this time to upgrade your garage while still showing some team pride.

If you’re like many Americans, you may have more clutter in your garage than you want. This is normal, but without a system in place to manage the mess, your garage may end up with more tight ends than the Bears.

Here are some tips for a cool sports garage that shows off your team spirit.

1) Get an organization system in place.

The first step to taking back your garage is to get an organization plan in place. There are a lot of options for organizing, and different people will often give you different advice.

Marie Kondo, the popular organizing guru of Netflix, subscribes to the minimalistic philosophy of purging your home of unused items. Her philosophy is to go through your house and consider each individual item and decide whether “it sparks joy.” While this method has been highly effective for some people, it’s hard for others to give up their belongings so easily.

Another option is to use organizational products that give loose items their own place in your home. While cleaning is still recommended occasionally, you will have much more space to work with. For your garage, adding things like garage cabinets, garage shelves or storage bins allow you to keep more without losing things you want to keep. Plus, they add a visual appeal to the space.

Most likely you’re going to want a combination of both methods. Determine what’s right for your space and budget before you proceed.

2) Add team colors

Adding color to the space is the easiest way to get a theme going. Most Chicago teams have fairly straightforward colors, so finding them won’t be a problem. Most painters can match a custom color without too much difficulty.

You can also match your storage systems or your garage flooring in Chicago with your sports teams. Here is an example of a garage done in Cubs colors, with blue garage cabinets and a blue and white garage floor.

3) Memorabilia and Props

Once your set-up is finished, you can start adding additional decor throughout the garage. Putting up things like framed jerseys, posters or props (i.e., baseball bats, helmets, hats, etc.) add a nice touch that can complete the look. I personally like for sports gear and apparel, but there are a lot of places to find strong quality stuff.

Don’t have a lot yet to share? No worries. This part is a process that can be ongoing. As you continue to build your fandom, you can add more to the collection.

4) Turn it into a man cave

Want to go even further? You can turn your garage into a completed man cave with a little extra work. Moving some furniture into the space will make it a space to spend time with friends or hang out by yourself.

For the most basic set up, simply move in a couch or comfortable seating, along with things like a TV and a refrigerator. You can also include things like a games table, billiards table or ping pong.

Have fun in your garage, and make it a place where your neighbors can feel your hometown pride.

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