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Create a Man Cave in the Garage

Every guy needs some time to himself, and to do that you need a space for yourself, otherwise known as a man cave. A man cave is your spot to fill with your favorite things, be it a home theater, a bar, pool table or an arcade. And there is no better place to build one than your very own garage.

The best part about a garage is you already have one. There is no need to build an additional shed or find another space to convert, and in most cases, it’s already attached to your house! No need to drive somewhere to hang out and relax after a long day.


Of course, you can’t just throw in a couch and a TV and call it a day. You need cabinets to store and protect your stuff, and a floor remodel to prevent any damage. This is where White Rabbit comes in. We can help ready your garage for the perfect man cave conversion.

To start, your current items need to be cleared out. The best way to accomplish this is separate items into three piles.  The items to be tossed, the items to keep and the items to be donated to a favorite charity or Goodwill.  For the items to keep our custom-built cabinets and storage systems can be used to organize the space. You can choose between wall-mounted or legless designs to leave as much room for your man cave as possible. Place your tools, supplies and extra junk in these cabinets, and we can even color them to match your style.

Man caves are for relaxing and kicking back with a drink and some food is the best way to accomplish that. But eating and drinking is also the quickest way to have a mess – especially when friends and family join in the fun. Our floors have got that covered.

White Rabbit floor coatings are a waterproof durable 100% polyurea floor sealant. This is better than epoxy or other coatings, making it resistant against salt, gas, and other damaging chemicals. They’re no match for a beer, either. Plus, our decorative chips add some texture and style to a man cave, making it truly your own unique paradise.


Before you have the White Rabbit storage and floor completed you should modernize the interior walls with a coat of paint.  Make sure to pick colors that meet your desired result. Warmer colors, like reds and oranges, can encourage excitement and energy, which is great for viewing sporting events. Cooler colors, like blues or greens, are calming and are better for playing games or just hanging out.

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