Kitchen staff need a safe, functional, and hygienic environment, and that includes the floor under their feet. Any type of restaurant flooring needs a solution for slip resistance and cleaning, and polyurea works fantastically on both of these fronts. As a permanent barrier against germs and moisture, polyurea floor coatings are an ideal solution that also keeps your staff protected and makes it easier for them to keep the environment clean.

Polyurea checks off all the important boxes for commercial kitchen flooring:

  • Slip-resistant when wet when anti-slip aggregate or quartz is added
  • Industrial-strength resistance to heat, moisture, cleaning chemicals
  • Easily cleaned by a broom or mop with soap and water (no harsh chemicals needed)
  • VOC-free (no toxic fumes)
  • Permanent solution

Restaurant workers enjoy having polyurea-coated floors because they are very easy to deal with compared to a nightly routine of hosing down countless rubber mats. Employees are safer in the high-energy kitchen environment thanks to the wall-to-wall non-slip surface. Of course, that’s also a benefit for restaurant owners because it reduces the risk of injuries and claims.

How Does Polyurea Compare to Other Kitchen Floor Coatings?

You do have options for floor coatings, but polyurea stands out as a stronger and more lasting solution. Most epoxy-type sealants are only meant for residential indoor use because they can’t stand up to high temperatures, lots of water, or various cleaners and food spills. Within a few months or a few years, your restaurant would need to re-coat the floor if you used epoxy or polyurethane.

Polyurea performs better than tile or vinyl in kitchens because it bonds tightly with the moisture in the floor, creating a truly impermeable seal which is not eroded by water.

Among your options for polyurea flooring, restaurant managers get the best results by using the proprietary formulas created here at White Rabbit. We test the floor, consider the conditions that your kitchen will have to handle, and then create a custom formula designed to protect your floor specifically. Compared to a generic store-bought sealing product, our advanced formula simply has a better design for restaurant flooring.

If you’re considering other options like linoleum or tile, you should know that polyurea coated floors will perform with better slip resistance when wet. Nightly cleaning is also much easier, and the polyurea floor won’t trap bacteria like a lot of alternatives do.

Choosing a Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Solution

Polyurea makes a smart investment for a restaurant because of its permanence and easy maintenance. To take care of this vital aspect of the kitchen, gather the facts and request a free estimate for polyurea coating from White Rabbit. We serve the greater Chicagoland area.

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