Garage Testimonials

In 1988 White Rabbit Garage Organizers introduced the concept of garage organization in the Midwest ... and more than 20,000 designs later, we have learned a thing or two about making our customers happy.

"We would recommend your service" ”


"I applaud your people and your product" ”


"Really appreciated quick turnaround, time & ease of installation" ”


"We can now get two cars in our garage" ”


"We were able to get things out of the basement. More organized" ”


"Everything was great with my experience!" ”

Kelly S.

"You did a great job! Thanks." ”

Heather, Naperville

"I’ve been raving about you all to everyone…" ”

Sally, Skokie

"Can’t think of any way to improve in your great service. Your installers were fantastic, polite, helpful, capable and quick." ”

Jack, Chicago

"Very professional from first phone call. Lots of time spent with good explanations of product, storage and installation." ”

Lisa & Marv, Frankfort

"Something very strange has happened since we had a White Rabbit cabinet system installed in our mud/laundry room. Shoes have disappeared from the floor. Tools have vanished from the top of the dryer. And most mysteriously of all, I haven’t yelled at anyone in the family to “Put away your stuff!” I don’t’ get it. They’re just cabinets…or, are they?" ”

Camilla, Deerfield

"I have to say that everything was just about perfect. I fully expected to have to call my painter back for touch-up. I’m pleasantly surprised that I only see a couple of areas that need a paint touch-up and repair." ”

Nancy, Downers Grove

Home Office Testimonials

Our goal is to design a space which will practically take care of itself ... to make it easy for you to maintain the order. Do we achieve this goal?

"We investigated three other office furniture places and thought that White Rabbit had the very best array of products and their expertise on how to design an office far and away exceeded any other company we looked at." ”

Systems Consultant, Evanston

"Walking into my office gives me the feeling of wanting to be there. The office is very comfortable." ”

Finacial Planner, Hinsdale

"I find no way to improve your service. I found every aspect of dealing with your company excellent. My home office actually makes me want to work. Pretty sad, huh?." ”

Sales Manager, Highland Park

"It's been 7 years since you installed my home office and I love it. It has really worked for me. Your company is really terrific!" ”

Baker, Evanston

"The extra work space allows me to use multiple locations at my desk and file drawers are always convenient." ”

Home-Based Business Owner, Naperville

"My husband and I are both very focused on customer service because that's the business that we are both in; but White Rabbit sets the bar even higher than even my expectations. When the designer told me that more times than not they exceed customer expectations, I smiled and hoped that it would be true. They absolutely exceeded my expectations. Both my husband and I hope that our business will include this level of quality." ”

Consultants, Wadsworth

"The work bench makes it convenient for me to tinker and for my wife to do her potting of plants." ”

Community College Administrator, Burr Ridge

"The file cabinets were overloaded and always in disarray. The reconfigured office is efficient and beautiful." ”

Regional Sales Manager, Elmhurst

"There isn't anything that I need that is more than a reach away." ”

Director Of Marketing, Darien

"The new desk allows for enough sitting area that I can work next to my daughter or she can share the desk with a friend." ”

Attorney, Glenview

Basement Floors Testimonials

Our goal is to WOW our customers with an amazing transformation of the garage floor or basement floor. Whether the floor is brand new or in terrible shape, our customers tell us that they can't believe the difference.

"The basement has a history of flooding. We have replaced the carpet twice and were tired of it. A friend recommended the floor coating system. When we were told that there are no odors, no dust and no toxicity, we went ahead with thee project. We couldn't be happier. Every representation was true. We have a beautiful floor with no worry that the flooding might cause any damage." ”

Doctor, Deerfield

"The floor is more beautiful than I could have hoped for!" ”

Organizer, Naperville

"We love it, love it, love it. Can't be better! Thank you!" ”

Attorney, Chicago

"One of our long term projects was to convert the basement into a playroom for the kids. The polyurea floor coating was the perfect solution. No smell, one day installation, smooth surface, no problem if water comes into the basement and the color selection was consistent with our decorating." ”

Architect, Lake Forest

"Your guys couldn't have been better. They were polite, professional, and the clean-up was excellent." ”

Fireman, Northbrook

"I don't know how you can improve on the product or service. I have recommended you to many of my friends." ”

Dentist, Highland Park

Basement Testimonials

We have been providing our customers with the means to organize their garages, home offices and basements (and keep them organized) since 1988. We love our customers and our customers love us and what White Rabbit does for them!

"My realtor told me that the basement storage made a huge difference when I sold the house. The money I spent on the basement has come back to me a million times over." ”

Administrator, Lake Bluff

"I am always nervous about the possibility of water in the basement and knew that I would feel pretty stupid if things were ruined. Everything is up off the floor now and I'm feeling pretty darn good." ”

Homemaker, Northbrook

"I have house guests very often and I have a ton of extra blankets, pillows and sleeping bags that I could never find a good, clean spot for. They're tucked away in my White Rabbit cabinets right now ready to use." ”

Homemaker, Lindenhurst

"My children were actually afraid to go down into the basement and I guess I have to admit that I wasn't so happy about it either. It was a creepy feeling thinking that a room in our house was a little scary. We USE the basement all the time now for lots of different reasons." ”

Accountant, Arlington Heights

"My 5 year old just had her birthday party in our white rabbit basement….40 kids! It was really terrific to have the party at HOME for a change. I could have never done that without using my basement." ”

Homemaker, Glencoe

"My basement was dark and dingy. The white cabinets actually made the room bright and cheerful. I didn't have to do anything else to the room to make it useable and pleasant for the teenagers to hang out. They thought the "pipes showing" look was pretty cool." ”

Lawyer, Highland Park

"I hated my basement. It gave me the heebee geebees to go down there. After White Rabbit installed the cabinets, the basement has an entirely new feel to it. I don't hate my basement any more." ”

Teacher, Deerfield

"I always spend a ton of time looking for things and looking for places to put things. It's EASY now. What an amazing time savings. I'm going to tell all of my friends." ”

Doctor, Lake Forest

"I got great storage and renovated the basement in one shot. I decided not even to paint because I thought that was 'gilding the lily'". ”

Doctor, Northbrook

"Everything was terrific. The garage golf cabinet looks great. I'm sure when people see the basement cabinets, they are going to ask me who installed them and I'll tell them White Rabbit. Please send me some brochures so that I can hand them out. Your carpenters were terrific. I had a meeting at the house during the same time as they were installing and they handled the situation very well. Thank you very much. This is my 3rd time using you guys and every time has been a terrific experience." ”

Business owner, Bannockburn

"I gotta tell you. The guys did a terrific job. Thank you." ”

Homemaker, Mundelein

"Lets see… what else can I put in these cabinets… it's a lot more space than I thought it would be." ”

Teacher, Chicago

"…and I'm the one who didn't want to do the basement cabinets. I can't believe I'm sooo excited about this!" ”

Financial Analyst, Wilmette

"I didn't realize the basement was as big as it is. This is an unbelievable change." ”

Hospital Administrator, Wauconda

"Wow, the amount of storage space I have now is awesome"!!! I can't wait to fill it up. Thank you, White Rabbit." ”

Community College Administrator, Burr Ridge
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