Retail Floor Coatings in Chicago

Project Facts

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Durability 4x stronger
Flexibility 98% more
Vehicle Traffic 24 hours 3 days
Installation 1 day 2-3 days
Scratch Resistant 3x more
UV Stable yes no
Odor no yes
Wooden Step Application yes no
Warranty For Gloss lifetime 0
Year Round Installation yes no

Project Detail

If you’re a business owner in the Greater Chicago Area, you are most likely aware that the aesthetic of your location is just as important as the product you sell. If it’s been awhile since you gave your space a facelift–or you’re opening up a new location–consider the benefits of a polyurea retail floor coating.

The floor of your business takes a beating on a daily basis, so it’s important for you to choose a floor coating that protects your floor, keeps your patrons safe, and makes your store look great. Think this sounds too good to be true? It’s not! The experts at White Rabbit can help you pick the perfect floor color and design for your retail location.

To learn more about retail floor coatings in Chicago, call White Rabbit today at 847-940-8484!

Who Benefits from Retail Floor Coatings?

Everyone wins when your business has a coated floor. Consider these benefits for the people who interact with your store everyday:

  • The business owner – That’s you! A durable floor coating protects your location’s floor from damage, making it easier to maintain the look of your space. They’re also more visually appealing, so you can count on attracting more customers.
  • The employees – A coated floor creates a safer work environment for your employees, preventing them from slipping during the hustle and bustle of the workday. Also, coated floors are easier to clean, so they can close up shop more quickly after a long day.
  • The customers – Since retail floor coatings are slip proof and skid proof, they make your space safer for customers, too!

What is Used for Retail Floor Coatings?

At White Rabbit, we use the latest advancement in coating technology, which is a substance called polyurea. While other companies are still using epoxy, polyurea is four times stronger and 98 percent more flexible. That means a retail floor coating made from polyurea won’t crack or peel, as it allows for natural concrete movement.

Contact White Rabbit to talk to us about how your store can benefit from a polyurea floor coating!

Protect Your Floors with White Rabbit

Do you want a floor that is resistant to stains, cracks, dents, abrasions, and peeling? What about a floor that will protect your customers and employees from slips and skids, even if there is a spill? Then you want a retail floor coating from the professionals at White Rabbit!

For nearly 30 years, White Rabbit has been serving the families and business owners of Chicagoland. In that time we have worked hard to earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau by putting our customers first. In recent years, we received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List, and for the past five years we have been chosen as a Best Pick by Best Pick Reports.

If you want the best when it comes to retail floor coatings in Chicago, you want White Rabbit. Contact us today at 847-940-8484!



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