Broom ClosetDo you have a closet filled with buckets, rags, mops, brooms, vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies and solutions all in one place? Or is your vacuum cleaner upstairs in the guest closet and you have to drag it downstairs every time you use it? Or cleaning supplies spread all over the house?

If you answered yes to any of these situations, White Rabbit has the solution for you!

The answer is a broom closet in the garage.

By placing a spacious cabinet in the garage to hold all of your cleaning supplies, you create a convenient place with easy access. With your supplies in one location, it makes cleaning that much easier and more efficient. No more wasting your time looking for the furniture polish! The closet will have a place for a vacuum cleaner, hooks for hoses, special hooks for brooms and mops, shelving for buckets and cleaning solutions all-in-one place.

Using the garage to store your cleaning supplies creates an effective way to increase storage and organization within your home. You no longer have to worry about children finding the cleaning chemicals or guests having to move the vacuum cleaner to store a suitcase.

Think of all you can do with an empty closet (or all the new shoes you can buy!).

White Rabbit Garage Organizers was founded by Richard and Sally Schulman, a husband and wife team that not only have a knack for garage storage but have a true passion and desire for organizing their home and others as well, which is why they started their own business. Being the only business of its kind in Chicago, they had no competition and quickly grew their reputation. They also soon had seen the worst and weirdest places people have kept their cleaning supplies in their homes. Their solution has always been the same though; create a broom closet in the garage. With their garage broom closets booming, they expanded in their organizational skills to other areas of the home. For now, try calling White Rabbit to help create your broom closest today!


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