Floor Coatings for Locker Rooms in Chicago

Project Facts

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Durability 4x stronger
Flexibility 98% more
Vehicle Traffic 24 hours 3 days
Installation 1 day 2-3 days
Scratch Resistant 3x more
UV Stable yes no
Odor no yes
Wooden Step Application yes no
Warranty For Gloss lifetime 0
Year Round Installation yes no


Gym maintenance can be far easier with a better floor coating in the locker room. While blocking out germ growth and protecting the concrete floor from cracks and stains, our polyurea floor coatings are the premier solution for locker room flooring in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Prestige Floor Coating outlasts the competition with a proprietary formula designed for spaces with heavy-duty traffic. More than just a top coat, we give your locker room floor a virtually impenetrable surface that does not wear out even when faced with rugged use. Our floor coatings leave the concrete stronger, more resilient, with a non-slip surface that is safer when wet.

Whether you need a stylish flooring for a corporate fitness center or the longest-lasting floor protection for a school or gym locker room, you can get the best results with Prestige Floor Coatings. Contact us for a free estimate and more info about our proprietary formula and our multitude of design options.

Floor Coatings Designed for the Locker Room

You can rest assured that our industrial-grade floor coatings can stand up to the foot traffic and equipment that goes through your locker room. We install floor coverings for garages, airplane hangars and factories, and our product handles gym locker room conditions with ease.

The power of our floor coatings comes from our multi-step coating and application process. The coating bonds with the concrete at the molecular level, with the end result being a strong and durable floor surface that is easy to keep clean.

With decorative color options to suit your organization’s color scheme, the locker room floor can also become a branded part of your gym or club!

Why Choose Prestige for Locker Room Floor Coatings?

Our floor coatings are ideal for locker rooms thanks to the extreme durability, but there are many more reasons to choose Prestige Floor Coating:

  • Fast 2-3 days installation with no toxic fumes
  • Superior slip resistance
  • Does not peel
  • Prevents germs and mold growth
  • Low maintenance
  • Color and texture options
  • 2-year warranty for commercial installations

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Start with a free estimate and find out how Prestige Floor Coating can provide a long-term, easy-maintenance solution for better locker room floor protection. Call us at or contact us online to schedule an appointment in the Chicagoland area.


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