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  • 1. Installation Assessment

    1. Installation Assessment

    Our expert sales people will assess the conditions of the floor and attempt to determine whether there are any concrete moisture, cracks, oil or other contaminants present in the floor that will require special treatment. In order for us to provide the customer with the strongest warranty in the industry, we will only install the coating after any of these issues are resolved.

  • 2. Crack Repair

    2. Crack Repair

    Many homes have some minor or major concrete slab cracks. White Rabbit uses the concrete industry’s most advanced crack repair technology to repair any cracks in the concrete before we begin the installation of the floor coating. Our crack repair products do not have any strong odors or harmful VOCs, they can be used on either larger or smaller cracks and are designed to be fast curing.

  • 3. Concrete Preparation

    3. Concrete Preparation

    In order for the floor coating to properly bond to the concrete slab, our install team will lightly grind the slab with an advanced dustless concrete grinding system. These processes “open the pores” of the concrete to allow the prime coats of material to bite to the floor.

  • 4. Stem Wall & Cove Base

    4. Stem Wall & Cove Base

    Among the many things that help make White Rabbit’s polyurea floor coating unique is its ability to be installed on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. Through the use of a fast curing and easy to apply product that has the same zero-odor, zero-VOC qualities, we can mold a “coved” base finish in the corners where the wall meets the floor, creating a neat and easy to maintain edge.

  • 5. Prime Coat

    5. Prime Coat

    If moisture is an issue in your garage, White Rabbit will apply a moisture control system beneath the floor coating. If moisture is not an issue with the floor, we will apply a tinted prime coat of a product especially designed to penetrate and bond to the prepared concrete slab and allow our coating materials to bind to this prime coat.

  • 6. Final Coats

    6. Final Coats

    After the prime coats are applied, we apply 1-2 coats of 100% solids polyurea over the broadcast colored chips. These chips are specially designed to be UV stable and come in a wide variety of colors to allow customers to match their floor color to the décor of the home. We carry over 20 different colors and sizes in stock and have another 20-30 available within 1-2 days.

  • 7. Clean Up

    7. Clean Up

    The White Rabbit Quality Control process outlines a set of standard procedures and checklists that our crews adhere to at every job site. Each crew follows a Site Clean-up checklist at the conclusion of each install.

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