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Durability 4x stronger
Flexibility 98% more
Vehicle Traffic 24 hours 3 days
Installation 1 day 2-3 days
Scratch Resistant 3x more
UV Stable yes no
Odor no yes
Wooden Step Application yes no
Warranty For Gloss lifetime 0
Year Round Installation yes no

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If your family is similar to other families, your garage acts as more than a storage place for cars. There is a good chance your garage is also home to power tools, landscaping equipment, outdoor toys – such as bikes, skateboards, and rollerblades – and those extra holiday decorations that won’t fit in the attic or basement. This space in your home sees a lot of use and abuse, so a good number of cracks, dents, and stains in and on your garage floor are also likely. A beat up floor can make your whole garage look rundown, and it can make this space more difficult to clean.

Don’t you wish your garage floor could look like new again? Well, with a garage floor refinishing job from White Rabbit, it can! And, with our polyurea floor coatings, it can stay looking like new for years to come.

If you want a garage floor that’s both beautiful and guaranteed to last, contact White Rabbit to learn more about our garage floor refinishing services. Call us today at 847-272-7878!

Benefits of Garage Floor Refinishing

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you may not notice the scratches and stains on your garage floor. However, the longer you ignore them, the worse they’ll become. Cleaning your damaged floor will take a lot of time and elbow grease, and your floor will still have all of those cracks.

Get your garage floor refinished instead! The benefits of having your garage floor refinished and sealed with a ployurea floor coating include:

  • Increased safety – If the cracks or dents in your floor are deep enough, they become a tripping hazard for you and your family. White Rabbit will smooth out your current floor, eliminating troublesome areas. Then, we’ll coat your floor with polyurea garage floor coating, making your new floor slip and skid proof, even if there’s a spill.
  • Easier upkeep – Having your garage floor refinished with a polyurea floor coating protects you from future cracking or peeling. Plus, your floor will be much easier to clean as this substance is also stain resistant.
  • Better resale value – Should you ever choose to sell your home, the state of your garage floor will impact the value of your home. You’ll be able to market your refinished garage floor as a selling point, especially with its polyurea floor coating.
  • A beautiful and functional space – We’ll help you pick out the perfect color and design, ensuring you love the look of your new floor as much as you love the quality.

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At White Rabbit, we want families to be completely satisfied with our work. That’s why we begin each garage floor refinishing job with a free consultation. We also back all of our products and services with a lifetime guarantee. So, what are you waiting for?

To talk to the best in garage floor refinishing in Chicago, call the experts at White Rabbit at 847-272-7878 today!

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