Flooring for Fire Stations in Chicago

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Durability 4x stronger
Flexibility 98% more
Vehicle Traffic 24 hours 3 days
Installation 1 day 2-3 days
Scratch Resistant 3x more
UV Stable yes no
Odor no yes
Wooden Step Application yes no
Warranty For Gloss lifetime 0
Year Round Installation yes no

Serving Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County & More

Firefighters need to be able to trust the garage floor under their feet, even through harsh weather, liquid spills, and fast-paced foot traffic. White Rabbit serves the firehouses in our communities with cutting-edge concrete floor coatings designed specifically for the fire station environment.

Our floor coatings for fire stations provide slip-resistance when wet and create a safe, durable surface that is easy to maintain for years. Better than epoxy and polyurethane flooring, White Rabbit is your best bet to avoid chips, cracks, and stains.

Contact our team at (847) 272-7878 or request a floor coating estimate now. We operate in the the greater Chicagoland area.

Industrial-Strength Floor Coatings for Fire Stations

Our polyurea floor coatings work so well on concrete that they are trusted for industrial and laboratory applications. You can be sure that your fire station will have a resilient and durable floor coating no matter what gets thrown at it.

White Rabbit uses a scientifically advanced formula that does more than just coat the concrete. The compounds bond with the concrete to form a rubberized membrane. Vehicle fuels, oil, and cleaning agents are blocked from harming the coat or penetrating the concrete. This means that your fire station won’t have to constantly refinish the flooring. It’s a heavy-duty solution that stands up to the test of time.

Concrete Floor Coatings for Fire Stations on the East Coast

For more than 16 years, we’ve been perfecting our formulas to meet outdoor and all-weather conditions in the Mid-Atlantic region. Even if your firehouse and garage floors are exposed to exterior temperatures, rain, sleet, and snow, our product will safely expand and contract while resisting slipperiness or damage from moisture and grime.

Slip-Resistant, Chemical-Resistant Coatings for Fire Station Floors

When we select the right concrete floor coating for your particular fire station, we add appropriate slip-resistant additives to keep your staff safe from slip-and-fall injuries. Whether you need a glossy, sleek finish in one area or a rough textured finish in another, the result can be an OSHA-compliant floor surface.

Unlike floor paints and basic sealing products that break down and lose skid-resistance over time, our premium floor coating for fire stations will maintain their safety for a longer lifespan with minimal maintenance required.

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