The coming of summer in Chicagoland starts with a few teaser warm days, then some more cold days that make us retreat back into our homes and sweaters once again. Eventually, though, these cold days give way to more and more warm days, and we migrate outside for some fun in the sun. Summer doesn’t last very long around here, so a good way to get the most out of these warm weather days is to make sure your essential summer items are easy to get to and put back.

Storing Outdoor Equipment

The first step in re-organizing your garage for the summer should be to store any whiterabbit2autumn and winter items you won’t need for a while—rakes, shovels, snow blowers, sleds etc. This way you won’t have to fight your way through these things to get to bicycles, gardening tools, or power tools. Make sure your leaf blower is easy to access, though, since it may be needed for other summer projects. The back wall is a good place to store items that won’t get used for a while. However, you don’t want to just prop them up against the wall—that’s just frustration waiting to happen! Instead, a large pegboard or sports rack is a great way to get items off the floor and out of everyone’s way.

Storing Seasonal Decorations

whiterabbit1This is also a good opportunity to store any outdoor Christmas decorations that may havejust gotten tossed haphazardly into the garage. Since you won’t be needing those until December (or November, depending on how on top of Christmas decorating you are!), you can go ahead and get those put away. An added benefit of this is that glass from tiny Christmas light bulbs can be a hazard, so you’re preventing a potential accident. Christmas decorations (or any outdoor seasonal decorations) store perfectly in White Rabbit’s ceiling storage system. With ceiling storage, you can put your decorations in clearly labeled bins (i.e., Christmas Decorations, Halloween Decorations). In these bins, you can easily fit coiled light strings, inflatable characters, and most signs. Whatever doesn’t fit can be stored in larger cabinets.

Once you have the items that are not essential for summer out of the way, you can more easily concentrate on organizing your summertime items. It’s still a good idea to follow the basic rules of keeping items off the floor and in more organized storage units. However, now you can keep your summer things in places that are easier to get too, without having to worry about knocking snow shovels and giant Santa Clauses down!

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