Who doesn’t like to win awards? We know that we love it, and the best thing about it is winning awards means we’re serving you, our customers, well! Now, to our list of accomplishments that include an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an Angie’s List Super Service Award, White Rabbit can add that we have been selected for EBSCO Research’s 2010 Best Pick Award!

Each year, EBSCO Research independently evaluates companies that offer home services. Their selections are based upon a rigorous process; to receive a Best Pick award a company must meet a number of criteria, which include having all necessary insurances and licenses, and receiving an “A” rating in over one hundred customer reviews. In addition, EBSCO research also individually conducts phone interviews of home service companies to make their decisions.

What sets EBSCO’s Research’s selections apart is that they rely only on telephone interviews and customer ratings—not ratings from other companies, or any other source. There is also no advertising involved, so a company can’t buy their way into EBSCO Research’s good graces. That means that Best Picks really are the top of the line in home service companies, based on the opinions of people who have worked with those companies.

We are honored to be a part of EBSCO Research’s Best Picks. Not only does this mean that we are now included on a reliable list of high quality companies, but it also means that our clients have been satisfied enough with our services to put us there! We’d like to think it is our highly-focused attention to doing a thorough job that got us those A-ratings. That is certainly part of it, but the truth is, we couldn’t have done it unless our loyal clients took the time to give us those ratings! So, thank you! In return, we pledge to continue giving you the same first-rate organizing services that our reputation and our customers deserve.

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