image-2The transformation of garages from dark, cluttered and strange-smelling car shelters to decorative, comfortable and fun “man caves” has been catching a lot of attention lately, so much so that the news media couldn’t leave the issue alone! The Chicago Tribune ran a story on June 17, 2011 about garages titled, “Upgrades Make These Garages the Envy of the Neighborhood.” Of course, when discussing garage improvement in the Chicago area, White Rabbit is bound to come up!

The article discusses many of the issues that our customers have when they first come to us. Organization, for example: one man in the story lost multiple hammers before he finally decided that his garage was too cluttered, and he needed to organize it. Our 3-step floor covering process is also featured in the article, since no garage owner can be truly proud of their garage without the flooring to match the quality of the rest of the space!
We have lots of clients who need their garage organized, and end up with their own “man cave” in the process. We are glad to see this happening, because this means that our work makes people happy. The men in the article seem to love their garages even more than their homes! They like to share the space with friends and, as the title of the article suggests, their neighbors look on with envy until they too, earn an invitation into the noted garage.
A writer in the article is quoted as saying that the garage is the “…most abused and unrealized room in the house.” We think this is true. Fortunately, it seems that people are realizing the great potential of their garages, and are beginning to put them to good use! We can’t say how thrilled we are to be a part of this. Garages are a place where people can go to relax, be comfortable, and be themselves. We at White Rabbit are only too happy to provide the services that we do to our customers.
We would like to thank the Tribune for its article that so articulately discusses what we at White Rabbit have to offer—not just organized spaces, but also peace of mind.

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