LoveYourGarageLogoWelcome to the White Rabbit Garage Organizers blog, a place we invite you to visit to find tips about organizing and taking control of your space, to talk about why we love our garages so much, and to share a some smiles.When we started White Rabbit, it was the result of our own need – a need we have discovered that we share with many people. We had an unorganized, chaotic garage. Even though we kept our home clean, somehow, our garage became the catch-all for everything from gardening equipment to the kids’ sports equipment. It was a jumbled mess. Honestly, it was difficult – and sometimes impossible – to even use the garage for what it had been intended: a car.

In the U.S., the garage has become a prominent feature in the design of the home. You often see the garage door before you see the front door of the house. People use their garages as their main entrance. We used our garage for coming and going, and to be honest, we were embarrassed when parents would drop off our kids after sports practice and would see the inside of the garage as the kids came into the house.

After one too many desperate searches for missing baseball gloves and soccer cleats five minutes before game time, we decided something had to be done about the way our garage was organized. What we discovered as we started looking for solutions was that no one was really offering a one-stop garage organization solution, and what organization components were available were not really designed for the garage.

100723_BeforePicIntroBlogWhite Rabbit Garage Organizers was born out of the desire to help others experience the relief and release of tension we felt when we finally reclaimed our garage space. That was 22 years ago, and while we have since expanded into offering office and basement organization solutions, our primary focus remains on delivering high quality products and impeccable service to our clients.

In the early days as we were getting started, we quickly realized that our harsh winters and humid summers would require materials that weren’t being used for organization, and we’ve developed long-lasting organization and storage solutions that are built for our abusive weather. Organizing the garage may not seem like a big deal, but often the chaos of the garage is directly affecting your life by creating tension, causing stress, or creating an unsafe space where kids can get hurt.

From simple cabinets to customized pulley and crank systems, White Rabbit can help you reclaim your garage space, put everything within easy reach, and create a usable, welcoming, and organized space — and we do it all with a commitment to quality that sets us apart. We can customize our organization solutions to meet your needs, whether you are trying to make room for the car again or transforming your garage into usable work space for a studio or office.

IMG_0051These days, we pride ourselves on being able to work our magic – whether it’s adding sparkles to your garage floor or finding a way to store your stuff on the ceiling — and we can’t wait to help put you back in control of your space.Hopping To It…

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