spring-rainEveryone knows the familiar ditty — April showers bring May flowers, but not too many people stop to consider what February and March bring. With weather like Chicagoland has been having this winter, February and March bring sludge, lots and lots of it. While springs are traditionally wet, the mild weather and increased precipitation we’ve been having this year seams to suggest that we better be prepared to get soaked this season. And while water might be annoying if you have to attend a formal event of don’t like wearing boots, it can actually be more than just annoying to your garage floor — it can be damaging.

When too much water is left on unsealed concrete, the concrete absorbs the water, and the cement may crack. This can be aesthetically unpleasing, but it can also cause accidents or damage vehicles and other items stored in the garage. Another problem caused by spring sludge is mold. Mold damage does not often occur on concrete, but it can easily affect areas of the garage, like wooden tables or trim. Mold is a serious problem that cause everything from damaged wood integrity to breathing problems.

flooring Luckily, there is a relatively easy way to deal with spring sludge and the problems it can cause — and for a limited time only, that solution is on sale. White Rabbit’s Polyurea floor sealant is the perfect solution to spring’s wet weather. The sealant not only makes garage floors like beautiful and polished, but it also heals cracks and pitting, making it harder for water to seep beneath the surface of your garage. The professional grade sealant is also water resistant, making it harder for water to seep through.If you’re interested in keeping out spring sludge, then this is your lucky day — currently, White Rabbit is offering up to $500 off their flooring.

If you’re interested in saying goodbye to sludge for good, contact White Rabbit today!

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