April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring something else—flooded garages and basements. If you’re like many homeowners, you may have noticed that garage and basement flooding happens likes clockwork. Every time the calendar hits March, you wonder when in the next three months you’ll have to hire the flood cleanup. However, there is a better way to deal with spring’s wetness; you can prevent flooding (and its damage) when you prepare your basement or garage for a wet spring. Although there are a number of ways to do this, the following three tips are some of the most effective.

  1. Make sure you have properly sealed the bottom of your garage door. Although most doors come with a built-in seal, it’s often not enough to prevent rain water from entering your garage. To prepare for the spring rain, you can reinforce the protection by adding a piece of threshold stripping to the garage floor. This is a rather simple, do-it-yourself project that will probably take you under an hour to install. However, make sure you understand that you can’t drive into your garage for 24 hours after you’ve completed the project to allow time to dry.
  2. Although it may be time consuming and costly, one of the most effective ways of preventing flood damage is modify your landscape so rain water is directed away from your home. In addition to making sure your yard slopes away from your home, you can also use rain spouts.
  3. Modifying the flooring and storage units in your basement or garage is a method of flood preparedness that can offer you a double benefit. White Rabbit’s polyurea flooring not only garage_floor seals concrete so moisture is less likely seep into your basement or garage, it is also elegant, easy to clean, and provides a striking, neat look. In addition, White Rabbit’s garage organizing systems allow you to get all of your belongings off the floor, so if a flood does happen, your items won’t be ruined.

When our children complain about the spring rain, we often tell them that it is this rain that makes the flowers and trees grow. But the same thunder that makes out children anxious can make us cringe at the thought of another spring spent emptying the dehumidifier and undergoing mold inspections. By choosing to prevent flooding rather than suffering through it, you’ll get more than peace of mind—you’ll be protecting your family and your home. Best of all, you can concentrate less on those April showers and more on those May flowers!

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