Send Out Cards allows you to send unique greeting cards on the web.

Send Out Cards allows you to send unique greeting cards on the web.

White Rabbit is proud to feature a client of ours who runs his own unique greeting card business, called SendOutCards. SendOutCards takes advantage of the convenience of the web to make it easier to send birthday or anniversary cards, invitations, reminders—anything you can think of. No more writing out dozens of holiday cards; just use SendOutCards, and you’ll have the most unique holiday greeting of everyone on your mailing list! You can even add gifts, such as books or chocolates with your cards.

We talked to Brian Cohrs, owner of SendOutCards about his business, and his favorite parts of running such an exciting enterprise. He told us that currently, customers can choose from over 1500 cards on the business’s website, Once you select your card, the site’s unique features allow you to use your own handwriting and signature to convey a more personal message. From there, SendOutCards does all of the more tedious work for you—according to Mr. Cohrs, the business “then prints, stuffs, stamps and mails it for you all for about a dollar a card!”

The great thing about SendOutCards is that it is versatile, while still being personal. Cohrs says, “Whether you are a stay at home mom, dentist, salesperson or office worker, it’s a great way to send a genuine thank you, reminder, birthday or follow-up card. Greeting cards can also be powerful business tools to help make sure your customers know how important they are!”

In fact, he has a wonderful success story that demonstrates how SendOutCards can be used to make connections with customers. He told us about Anna, a travel agent, who commonly asks her clients to send her pictures of them while they are on their vacation. The first time she used SendOutCards was to send a card to a couple who had come to Anna to arrange a cruise. After they had been back from their cruise for a few weeks, they received a card from Anna with the very pictures they had sent her from their trip! They had already been considering booking another cruise; getting the card from Anna impressed them so much that they called and booked the cruise that very day.

So, the next time you need to write a courtesy letter or e-mail, have an event that you need to send invitations for, or anything that requires reaching out to others, use SendOutCards! It’s easy, fun, and is sure to impress anyone you send one to.

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