Real Simple, a great resource for people looking for a little organization inspiration, ran an article recently about kitchen organization. While kitchen organization is important, primarily because it is so easy for the kitchen to get disorganized and turn into a complete mess in seconds, your garage can learn a couple of tips from your kitchen organization tools. Here are two kitchen-organization techniques you have used for years that can help make your garage a more organized place to work or play.

  1. Use a Lazy Susan. The Lazy Susan has long been a staple of the organized kitchen. It not only makes reaching for small items — like sauces and spices — easier, but it is also conveniently designed to contain spills, thanks to the outer rim, and is therefore the perfect storage spot for messier items. In the garage, the Lazy Susan is the perfect companion to the mechanic, crafter, gardener, or BBQ chef’s garage organization system. You can store everything from glue to motor oil to BBQ sauce on a Lazy Susan that is located within one of your garage cabins. No more fumbling through bottles of liquids to find what you need — and no more risk of making a messy on difficult-to-clean cabinet floors.
  2. Use pegs to hang anything hangable. In the kitchen, we’ve been hanging things for years. Pots, pans, aprons, potholders. We’ve hung them from the ceiling and from pegboards and shelves on the wall. Hanging items with pegs is the perfect way to get more space out of your garage and also access your items more easily. In fact, White Rabbit has a number of organizational systems that include pegs. Whether you want to hang sports jerseys, gardening equipment, or toys, you will be surprised at the increase in the storage space in your garage once you start using pegs.

When you are thinking about organizing your garage, think about how your garage can beneift from other organization ideas around your home. You might be surprised with the innovations you create.

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