Give kids some of the most enjoyable tasks, like washing the dog, and let them have fun with them!

Give kids some of the most enjoyable tasks, like washing the dog, and let them have fun with them!

Spring break is the perfect time to get a lot of spring cleaning done around the house. Not only is it the perfect time of year, but it’s also the time when your kids are home to help you with the job. If you’re not going away for spring break this year, enlisting your kids to help you clean is a great idea — at least in your eyes.

If they’re typical kids or teens, I’m sure they’ll see it differently. After all, it is their break too. However, there are some ways that you and your kids can work together to have a spring break that allows you to get lots of spring cleaning done while still having some fun too.

The Spring Cleaning Wars

This idea is especially popular with the little ones, but older kids might get into it too. Divide your family into teams — adults against kids, boys against girls, or “mom’s” team and “dad’s” team. Then give each team a different but equal amount of cleaning and organizing to do. Teams will compete against each other on several levels, including speed, thoroughness, and creativity. Invite an arbitrary judge — like a neighbor or grandparent — to choose the winning team. After the competition, the whole family should enjoy some fun — like a trip to the movies, bowling, a day trip or a night of camping — but the winners should receive something extra like getting to choose the movie or decide what toppings they will have on the pizza.

 Spring Cleaning Staycation

Thanks to the economic hardship many families have been facing this year, the staycation has become incredibly popular. A staycation is like a vacation — time filled with leisure activities, fun, and general relaxing with loved ones. The only catch is you stay at home. A staycation can be the perfect motivation to get kids and teens to do some serious spring cleaning during the first few days of their break. Offer a staycation during the last few days if the family works together to get the house clean and organized. Some popular staycation ideas include days without chores, trips to local attractions, dining out, and days spent at local leisure facilities, like the pool, beach, or salon.

Getting your kids to devote their spring break to spring cleaning may be difficult, but if you make spring cleaning attractive, you might be surprised at the positive attitudes you receive. Of course, these are just a few ideas. You know your family best — so make up your own game or incentive that will get the family moving!

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