bathroom-929x1024In our last post, we discussed ways that you can take kitchen organizing ideas and apply them to your garage. In this post, we’ll detail a few bathroom organization techniques that you can use in your garage. You’ll be surprised how many things you are already doing in your bathroom that you can easily do in your garage to make it a more comfortable and organized place to spend time or store your items.

  1. Install towel racks. In our post about kitchen-gone-garage organization ideas, we discussed pegs, and how they can play a big role in saving space for your garage. Along the same lines, by installing towel racks in your garage, you can help keep it neat and tidy while maximizing space. If you use your garage for mechanical work, gardening, or small item repairs, you will likely use many rags and/or towels. In addition, there are a number of other cloth items that you might need to hang in your garage, including garden gloves, aprons, and even swimsuits that need to dry. You can use towel racks to easily hang these items and keep them clean for future use. When you add a hamper to your garage, you can make cleaning up dirty cloth items easy as well.
  2. Re-purpose the toilet paper holder. The toilet paper holder makes storing something that isn’t very aesthetically appealing — toilet paper — more aesthetically appealing. You can do the same thing in your garage with rolls of paper towel, ribbon, wire, or anything else you have on a spool. This way, your items are easy to store and easy to access, but they aren’t as unpleasant to look at!

Creating a custom garage organization requires innovation! At White Rabbit, we always take the needs of our clients in mind to create a truly custom organization system. These are just a few of the ways you can start to make the most out of your space.

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