Before 3Garage organization has come a long way in the last several decades and White Rabbit has always tried to stay on the leading edge of innovation by offering customized storage solutions. Not only are we always searching for the products and materials that we can use for storage and organization, but we will even custom build or create a storage solution to meet our clients’ unique needs. With the right approach and the proper storage and organization tools at our disposal, we can truly offer solutions that will get you organized and that will make sure you stay organized.

We often find that our clients are forced to store items in the basement that they would rather access by use of their garage. From holiday decorations and spare furniture to bulk food purchases, many find it easier and more efficient to run to the garage for what they need, rather than fighting spider webs and rickety staircases to get to the basement.

After 3If your basement is prone to flooding or stays damp during certain times of the year, storing items like food may be impossible. Clients often call, desperate for a garage solution, only after they’ve discovered something precious has molded or decayed in the damp basement after months of storage.

The right storage solutions for one person may not be right for another. At White Rabbit, we begin the garage transformation process by sitting and listening to each client’s needs and then customize a solution to meet those particular needs. We pride ourselves on being able to create high quality storage solutions using cabinets, shelving, baskets, containers, cupboards, and counter space that will work for your unique space.

LoveYourGarageLogoWe are always careful to use materials that we are confident will withstand the brutal weather conditions we sometimes have to endure here. White Rabbit will personalize your garage organization to ensure that the finished project is everything you have envisioned. We can build custom lockers for the storage of coats and hats. For those using their garage as an entrance to their home, we can create a mud room area, where you can store shoes and boots. We can design custom sports lockers for the family’s athletic equipment. We can even add some pizzazz to your garage with Polyurea concrete floor coatings!

Recent innovations in garage storage allow us to use space more efficiently than ever. With crank and pulley systems that allow for the addition of overhead storage, even the smallest garage space can provide useful, easily accessible storage solutions for the things you need.

With the Magic of White Rabbit, if you can envision it, we can create a storage solution that will work for you!

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