As the weather begins to warm, those wool sweaters and corduroy pants are probably starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable. Odds are, you’re starting to think about shorts and T-shirts, and if you’re not there yet, it’s certain you’ve had at least a fleeting thought about that pair of capris you got on the October clearance rack.

However, one thing gets in the way of you and your summer fashion show—the dreaded wardrobe rotation. It’s the part of spring that both you and your kids have come to abhor, a day filled with searching closets and bins for summer and winter clothing, franticly doing laundry, and endless trying on to make sure that tummies don’t stick out and feet are still visible.

The Wardrobe Rotation: Ceiling Storage Style

ceilingWhile there’s no magic storage spell that will get your kids out of trying on all those clothes as the seasons change—some of them grow drastically over the winter!—ceiling storage can certainly make the winter wardrobe rotation easier. With a garage ceiling storage system in place, you can easily store labeled bins full of each seasons’ clothes so that they’re out of the way when the weather’s not appropriate but easy to find and access when the seasons change.

How is the wardrobe rotation different with ceiling storage? Instead of all the frantic searching, washing, and trying on, the process looks a little something like this.


  1. You find your stored tubs of spring/summer clothes where you left them last fall, neatly stacked on your garage ceiling storage unit with labels facing outward.
  2. You quickly and easily retrieve the tubs you need, finding washed, folded spring and summer clothes inside, ready for your and your children’s closets and dressers.
  3. You quickly examine each item, eyeballing it against your child’s current size. You make a pile of clothes your children need to try on, and then quickly put the other items in your children’s closets.
  4. You make a fashion show out of the trying-on process, complete with cameras. You enlist your children as models and have them use their craziest struts as they try on each item of clothing and walk down the make-shift runway you’ve made from duct tape in the living room.
  5. You flip the labels on the boxes from “spring/summer” clothes to “fall/winter” clothes—print labels on computer paper and insert them into a plastic report sleeve so it’s easy to change labels for seasons—fill the boxes with your fall/winter clothes, and place them back in your ceiling storage system.

But what happens when you live in Chicagoland and your spring has a little bit of winter thrown in for good measure? Without a well-organized system, you might be trying to find your favorite sweater for those chilly July days all summer, but ceiling garage storage means easy access, so you can re-mix your wardrobe as much as you want and be prepared for weather as wacky as Chicagoland’s.

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