pile-of-clothes1-300x245It’s that time of year again! The end of one year brings the beginning of a new one and the chance to start again. While there are many resolutions to make, one of the most declared ones is to clear out clutter and become more organized. It takes nearly a month to create a new habit, and you have to practice every day.

Attempting to change your life by clearing our clutter can be a daunting goal. Start your clutter cleanout small. Begin by ridding your home of paper – one of the top five categories of household clutter. Despite the attempted shift to a paperless society, it seems that there is even more paper, newspapers, magazine, and junk than ever. If you seem to still have paper and junk mail strewn all over your home, place a trash can in each room.

With a trash can in every room, you can immediately discard unwanted and unneeded items. A trash can near the front door allows you to stop junk mail from coming into your home in the first place. Open mail as soon as you pick it up and toss everything away except for the statement and the return envelope.

File in a folder number 1-31, according to the due date. When it comes to magazines, read them, cut out pertinent articles and recipes, and toss the rest. By starting your cleanup small with achievable goals, it will be much easier to stick to them. Once you have master the toss out, it will be time for the next step!

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