WWL-maple-pantry-easycloset_lead-300x225The job of Mother is one that never stops! From breakfast, to carpool, to PTA meetings and afterschool programs, to dinner and homework help, Mom is always busy! Let’s not forget shopping and the always full laundry basket, even after completing six loads! While she will always be busy and on the go, for this Mother’s Day, after a nice dinner and flowers and homemade cards, give Mom something that will make her day a little easier – a little organization!

Make doing laundry, more than just a chore, by organizing the laundry room. Start the revamp with a new efficient washer and dryer set. Washers and dryers no longer need to stay behind closed doors; every color and finish is available so that the laundry room can become part of the house. Stack them to maximize space or place them side by side to utilize the tops for folding. Paint the room a fun color. Hang shelves for storage, and if space a rod for drying clothes. A prep sink housed is cabinetry similar to a kitchen sink is ideal for soaking, and use clear jars for detergent and fabric softener. Even the smallest nook, organized properly can make laundry less of a chore. Place a basket in each bedroom to make gathering dirty clothes easier – Mom’s job will be simpler when she doesn’t have to look for and smell for dirty pieces.

A wall hung ironing board, a throw back to early century homes where the board was built-in, is a great addition. The in-wall unit can also include space to store starch and the iron. While saying thank you Mom should happen every day, a few extra ones will make Mom feel even more appreciated. Help her be the best Mom ever by making the job of Mom easier.

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