messy-room-300x225There is an art to purging. Without a plan, you can’t just start clearing a room – you will end up just moving piles from one corner to the next. Yet, with a little preparation, your New Year resolution to clear out the clutter will be one commitment you will stick to!

First, get three boxes and label them: Keep, Toss and Donate. Items that are in good condition should be donated to a charity. Not only will you bless someone, you make room for some new things and receive a tax deduction. Items that are in unusable condition, simply toss them.

The keep box may need to be the largest one you have, but consider a few things before you start keeping too much. Don’t let sentiment rule you. While that lamp may have been a gift from a dear Aunt who has now gone to glory, if it doesn’t fit your décor let it go. Take a photo of it so that you have still keep the memory, but make room for something that will enhance your space. Remember that a photograph takes up hardly any space!

When it comes to clothing, if you haven’t worn it in two years, get rid of it. If you can’t wear it, time for it to go as well. Don’t keep items thinking you will lose weight.  When you lose weight you are going to want something new to show off the new you. Again, don’t let sentiment rule your choices. Take a photo and let it go!

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