garage1-300x197The flowers start to bloom, the birds fly north, the mosquitoes begin the swarm – that means that finally, Spring is coming! It is the time the start anew and refresh everything. While you are bringing out the bright colors and cleaning windows, don’t forget that with all the time you will be spending outside, the garage should be clean, organized, and ready for outdoor activities!

Get ready for the planting season, bike season, and outdoor parties by making the garage more than just car or junk storage. Begin by sorting supplies and tools, placing like items together. Damaged, rusted, broken, and unused items should be either discarded or donated. Once you have only useable items, you can assess how much storage you require.

To free up floor space and make everything easy to find, maximize the walls of your garage with a storage system that climbs them. Vertical space is the most underutilized area of any interior space. From wall racks for bike storage to peg walls for tools, vertical storage makes seeing and finding small items easy, while keeping items from damage by getting them out of walkways.

For larger storage, a built platform utilizing the rafter areas of your garage is ideal for seasonal decorations. There are even motorized platforms that raise and lower, which will do the heavy lifting for you.

If you are not sure of where to start, call White Rabbit today for a consultation on how to best maximize your garage space. With a little preparation, you can be enjoying your garage space as much as any other room inside your home!

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