So your teenage (or older) son or daughter wants to start a band – and use your garage for practice. Hearing this news probably has you imagining your life with a very loud, often out-of-tune soundtrack of music you don’t like.

Step one, don’t panic. Step two, think about how this might work out for you. If your garage is a mess right now, part of the “rent” for using the garage could be for your child to clean and organize it. Additionally, if your son or daughter’s band practices in the garage, you can keep and eye on the band to make sure its members are not getting into trouble.

If you think your cars and your child’s band gear will not fit into the garage, you can think again. If you use a good method of garage organization, you’ll be surprised what you can comfortably and neatly fit in your garage. White Rabbit offers a number of cabinet and shelving organization systems that would allow your child and his or her band mates to put away their gear when practice isn’t happening, leaving plenty of room for your cars, as well as outdoor gear and other items that need to be stored.

In fact, having a garage organization system from White Rabbit can help your child learn about the responsibility of having band. You can require your child to tear down, set up, and make sure everything is cleaned up after every practice, and when you have a garage organization system, you can ensure that they can do this without causing any harm to your cars, other items in the garage, or their expensive band gear.

The first time you hear that your child wants to have a garage band might scare you a little, but if you do it right, the band can actually help your child learn responsibility and how to have an organized life – especially if you use a White Rabbit garage organization system.

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