snowyWinter is not too far away, unfortunately, and the last thing we want to think about is people having to scrape ice off the windows in the morning to be able to leave for work. Is your garage overflowing to the point where you can no longer use it to store your car?

Getting your garage organized takes time and effort, but it may also require expertise. White Rabbit understands how difficult and time consuming it can be to find the right solutions to your storage and organization needs. We started the business because we realized that no one was providing garage organization solutions when we needed them for our garage. When trying to organize our own garage, we were forced to piece it together by building shelves and placing baskets on the shelves in order to contain things.

garageWhen we decided to create a garage organization business, the first thing we did was travel to the southwest where garage storage is essential because few of the homes have basements. The warm weather allows homeowners to use their garages as an alternate room. There are a lot of home offices in garages, so we thought it would be a great place to get ideas about garage organization.

We adopted some of the ideas that we saw in place there and brought them back to Chicago. One thing we failed to consider, however, was the impact of the difference in weather conditions. Our cold, wet winters caused the little plastic legs on the cabinets we were using to fail. We learned the hard way that we needed more durability — products that could stand up to the harsh extremes we experience here.

When we found a solution that worked, we went back to every customer we had provided storage and replaced the legs on their cabinets to make it right.

It’s easy to overlook the little details when creating useful garage storage solutions. One thing we almost always see clients do when they have tried to do organize the garage themselves is not accounting for the space their cars will need. Frequently, we find that the first place people try to create additional storage is on the sides of the garage along the walls. What happens, of course, is that there is no room left for car doors to open, or they open and hit the items stored along the wall, and suddenly, the space issue seems worse than before.

ceiling storageWhite Rabbit has almost a quarter of a century of experience creating customized storage solutions that take into account all of the things you need to store in your garage – including the car. We like finding ways to keep the side walls of the garage clear so that car doors can open easily without damage. When we organize the garage, we try very, very hard to put nothing on the sides of the garage where the car doors open. We use creative solutions like ceiling storage and pulley systems that let us store items you only need access to infrequently up and out of the way.

By working directly with our clients to determine their needs, we can customize our storage solutions to fit their lifestyle, all while providing enough room to keep the car in and out of the weather so that you can start your day just a little bit warmer!

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