4thJulyCelebrating independence will never lose its excitement, so July 4th is, arguably, one of the most fun holidays to celebrate. Families and friends get together to eat and spend time together—and usually the party is outdoors. If it’s your turn to host the Independence Day party this year, you don’t want to overlook the possibility of rain. Luckily, if your garage is already well organized, you can use the garage in the event of July 4th rain. An added plus to this is you won’t have everyone in your house, creating a mess. Garages are much easier to clean, post party, than houses are, and even if the weather is nice, odds are your garage doors will be open and everyone will be looking inside, so getting your garage organized for an independence day party is never a bad idea. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that rain doesn’t ruin your Independence Day celebrations.

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White Rabbit can lay a Polyurea coating to your garage floor, which will make it look and feel more like a comfortable room than a garage with oil stains. This is a great option for beautifying your garage in general, and will make it more party-usable for future occasions. In fact, with Plyurea flooring, you can turn your garage into a room as beautiful as a any other room in the house! You’ll also want to do any cleaning that is needed before the party. Sweep the floor, clear out cobwebs, give the cabinets a wipe down, and put away anything that may have gotten out of place.

Party Prep

There are a number of options for making your garage doorways more party-like. For a more elegant, homey feel, you can hang fabric panels in both the side door and the garage door. If you keep them closed, the panels will keep out any rain splash back if it’s raining hard enough, while also keeping insects away. Also, if the temperature suddenly drops drastically (as it is prone to do with rain), fabric panels will keep your guests warm; if the humidity rises (as it is also prone to do with rain) they can keep your guests cool. However, fabric may also make your garage dark and gloomy, so you may tie the fabric back, like window curtains. Another option is to place a large screen in the garage door, which will let in light, but still keep out insects.

For the food, place a long table along a wall and set the area up like a buffet. You can keep drinks in a refrigerator, if you have it, or a large cooler. This is actually a good idea, even if the weather is nice, because then the food will not be under the sun all day—no one likes soggy, sun-warmed food.

However, if it does rain, you’ll probably already have tables and chairs ready for the outdoor party, so you can just place those in your already organized garage. Just be sure that you have enough for all of your guests, and that you place them a comfortable space apart, so people can walk around.


A great idea for making your garage home-like and party ready is to take your hanging plants and hang them from your garage door rails. You can also purchase red, white and blue decorations (such as balloons and streamers) and make your garage festive!

Whether you expect the rain to pour or the sun to shine, a well-organized garage can make your 4th of July party sparkle even more than the fireworks that light up the sky!

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