Decorate your garage to make it the perfect location for your holiday flooring.

Decorate your garage to make it the perfect location for your
holiday flooring.

It’s time to haul out the holly and put on the Jingle Bell Rock. Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and this past Sunday marked the first day of Advent. What does this mean? That there is absolutely no denying that Christmas is in the air, and it’s time to start decorating and planning your holiday parties.

We’ve written a number of posts about why the garage is a great place for parties, especially in the summer, but in the winter, the garage can also be a great place to have a swell time rocking the night away. It’s out of the house, so it minimizes the snow and sludge that get tracked through your floors, and when you have an organized garage it can also mean more space to play group games with kids or adults. If you have a bar or a television in your garage, this “room” is now transformed into a second party spot for the sports fans who want to watch football or basketball instead of socializing.

One thing you should definitely do before planning to make your garage a big part of your Christmas party, however, is to revolutionize the look of your floors with White Rabbit’s Polyurea floor coating system.

This floor coating system is superior to any other kind of flooring for your garage because it is tougher and much more stain resistant. It doesn’t easily break, crack or stain, so even on non-holiday days when you use oil in your garage you won’t get stains if you spill. And let’s just say that it’s much harder to damage Polyurea as it is to damage carpet or even hard wood flooring during a holiday party.

Polyurea flooring gives your garage a sharp look.

Polyurea flooring gives your garage a sharp look.

If you’ve got a group of carolers coming over after a long neighborhood sing, a Polyurea floor is absolutely necessary. Not only is it not slippery when wet, but it won’t be damaged by the snowy, salty feet of your guests. And, of course, Polyurea flooring is attractive — much more so than the traditional garage concrete. You can even choose from among a number of color chips when you select your flooring.

Polyurea flooring plus Christmas decorations means you’re ready to rock around the Christmas tree with as many wet feet as you can fit in your garage.If you’re ready to have a great Christmas party, you might want to consider your garage. If you have heat, decorations, and a Polyurea floor from White Rabbit, it makes a great place to party.

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