poopedearsHow many times has stress impacted your life, whether it’s contributed to a poor night’s rest, caused you to dwell on something, or prevented you from doing something you would rather be doing? So much of the stress in our lives is beyond our control. Of all the uncontrollable stress in your life, though, you do have control over the stress of clutter.

An unorganized garage may not seem like something that could wreak havoc in other parts of your life, but over the years, we have seen the magic that comes from de-cluttering the garage space. Garages tend to become a catch-all for everything without a place, so it’s easy for the space to get unorganized and make our lives more difficult.


ceiling Many of our clients come to us when they have had it with stress. They can’t find things they need; they can’t fit the car in the garage; but mostly, they are overwhelmed with where to even begin reorganizing the space. One instance in particular always stands out for us as the perfect example of why we love what we do and why garage organization does lead to happiness.

We had a client who presented us with a distinctive garage organization challenge. Our client had very limited space, needed the floor and wall area of his garage to remain as open as possible, but still had quite a bit to store. With no basement or other storage options than the garage, we had to be creative. Our solution? Ceiling storage!

We literally looked beyond the standard storage design solutions and expanded our viewpoint to include unique ways to use our client’s available space. We were able to create a huge amount of storage on the ceiling that added needed space in the garage and provided our client with much-needed organization and increased storage capacity.

“Now I can finish my screenplay!” was our satisfied client’s response. He explained that it really made a difference in his whole life to have his garage organized. “Look, my garage always bothered me. It really made me uneasy. It made me feel a little off because I’m in and out of it all the time. My house is clean and organized. The garage was a mess. I have no basement. I had nowhere to put my stuff.”

By using the ceiling, we opened up an entirely new way for our client to store his things. More importantly, we opened up his life and mind, giving him the relief from tension that was needed to focus on the things that were truly important to him, like finishing his screenplay.

Garage organization can make a difference in your life, too. Not only does it make it easier to find what you are looking for, but it can actually relieve some of the added tension you may be feeling. If your garage is causing you stress, why not see the magic the rabbit can do for you?

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Peace of Mind.
That’s the magic of White Rabbit.

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