imagesCAMQYDXS-300x120When you are attempting to clear clutter away, it is very easy to become distracted. You are busy cleaning the living room and you find a stray item from your bedroom. Since you are on a cleaning frenzy, you take that item to its rightful room. But you go into that room, put that item away and start cleaning it. This can become a vicious circle and not one room gets cleaned at all.

Before you start cleaning, get a few boxes, bags, or laundry baskets and label them, keep, toss, and donate. Also consider a box or two labeled for other rooms in your home. As you are cleaning one room, use the boxes to stay on track to finish the area where you are working. It may feel like you are just piling things up, but in order to get everything in its proper place, it can be necessary to make a little mess in the process.

The key to successful sorting is to make decisions right away. Adopt a one touch rule and decide right away whether to keep, toss, or donate the item. If you haven’t used it within the last two years, toss or donate the item if it’s in good condition. Once the donate box if full, transfer the contents to a bag and place it in your car. The next time you pass a donation box, unload the items that will help to bless others! Avoid distractions, clean one space at a time, and try to have a little fun while cleaning. The more fun the task, the faster you will enjoy a clean room.

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