MAINpantry-300x240As you consider how to become more organized in the New Year, while you are preparing delectable dishes for your holiday event, take a few moments to organize the cupboards in your kitchen. Since you are already in the kitchen, not only cook up something good, cook up a little organized living too!

If you are an avid baker, dedicate a few shelves to just your baking supplies. Locate flour, sugars, starch, and flavorings with baking cups and non stick baking spray. Not only will you organize the cabinets, it will also be easier to make that cake since everything will be in the same place.

Dedicate a cabinet to all your spices and oils. Make one shelf for storing oils and vinegars. Make labels to show the items behind the first row. Get a decorative box for storing those seasoning packets instead of letting them stay loose or a plastic bag. The box will look good when you open the cabinet and allow for placing other items on top.

Don’t forget about syrups and jellies, they should also be stored together. Make sure the peanut butter and hazel nut spread is close for those late night PB & Js! Clear storage containers are best for keeping dry goods fresh. These stackable boxes can double your cabinet space and look really good when you open the doors.

With a little planning you can get a jump start on your New Year organizing while finishing up your holiday entertaining!

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