CHHJ-House-Movers-296-267x300Spring is coming, time for change and to start anew. For some, starting anew may include moving. Moving is one of the worst processes to go through and can be extremely stressful. Not only is the thought of packing all of your possessions in newspaper, bubble wrap and boxes – a grueling and time consuming process – there is the worry that something will break and be damaged beyond repair.

There are ways to prepare for this task. If you are searching for a new home and planning on moving within six months, start preparing now. What you don’t want to do is move things that you are not using. Purge clothing that you are not, or cannot wear. Make sure that the items are clean and donate them. Go through books, keeping only your favorites, and donate the rest. Have new furniture on order? Start donating existing pieces. Moving fewer, large items will also cut down on the moving expenses of large trucks and moving men. Don’t forget decorative items and keep only what you will definitely use in your new place. Pack up CD and DVD cases, or organize them in binders to save on space.

Two to three months prior to moving, start packing up extra towels, dishes, other linens, and seasonal clothing. Pack items that you don’t use every day. Remember to identify each box to make unpacking easier. You will have less to do, and won’t be so stressed to complete all projects at once!

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