In our business, we see a lot of garages, and more often than not, there is more going on in the garage than just storing the vehicles. The garage can often be an extension of the home and people who live in it.

sportsRacksWhite Rabbit Garage Organizers takes pride in providing garage storage, organization, and easy access solutions for items that are already in the garage, like bikes, children’s toys, garbage cans, shoes, patio furniture, and tools. We can also show you how to store items from other areas of the home, like vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies, bulk paper goods, off-season clothing, large kitchen items, folding chairs, and china. What makes the job fun, though, is working with our clients to create space solutions that add smiles and imagination to your daily life!

Are you short on space and looking for a way to create your customized solutions? Our garage designers will work with you and learn about what it is that you want to accomplish. We have pictures of garages to help inspire you. We can draw a free design of your proposed space to help you envision what can be accomplished. When you close your eyes, what can you imagine yourself doing with extra space?

potting Have you always wanted a space to begin potting flowers and starting seedlings? In our harsh winters, spring can be a long ways off when it’s time to start planting. We can add a potting workbench that gives you the space you need to have blue-ribbon zucchinis by fair time.

Do you dream about having a bunch of friends over to watch the big game without having to worry about spilled beer and chip crumbs working their way into the carpet? With a high performance polymer garage floor and some built-in counter space to hold the munchies, you can transform your garage into the perfect space for hosting Monday Night Football parties.

garage-floorHave you always wanted to try your hand at pottery or oil painting but don’t want the mess inside your home? Take control of your garage space and let us help you design the perfect art studio, complete with lighting and storage for all of your supplies.

Some of our most delightful projects have been those where we have helped clients achieve the dream of space. The great thing about getting organized is that when everything has a place, the result is often discovering space you didn’t think you had. We’ve transformed garages into offices, studio apartments, playrooms for the kids, and special getaways that offer a much-needed escape.

We really do believe in our business philosophy, and treat our clients and employees as partners in planning and directing our business. We enjoy listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and having the opportunity to help them discover the space they need. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to provide a service and a product that can truly help people do more with their lives. That truly is magic.

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