messycloset-206x300Whether your home has dozens of closets, pantries, and storage cupboards or you’re stuck with only one good closet on each level, we know how easy it is for closets to get overcrowded, especially when you have kids. Sometimes, overcrowded closets are just the result of your kids tossing things they don’t know what to do with into the closets in an effort to clean up. Other times, our closets are overstuffed simply because your kids have so much stuff. In either case, thinking about how to use your storage space — including closets and garages — strategically can save you space and help you live a more comfortable life. And when your kids know where everything is, they can not only clean up better, but they can find what they need without asking you where it is.

Do You Need Ready Access to Everything in Your Closet?

Closet space should be reserved for the items that you need ready access to. Kids’ favorite toys, seasonal outdoor items, and school project supplies are just a few of the things that should be stored in closets. If you don’t need ready access to the items, however, you don’t necessarily need them in your closet. How often do your kids play with that kitchen set? Do they really ask you to get out the volleyball net daily? If the answer is no, then they don’t need to be in your home — they can find a better home in the garage.

Obviously, the things that you need ready access to change dramatically as the weather changes in Chicagoland. To make the most efficient use of your space, consider rotating materials in your closet on a seasonal basis. Designate a spot in your garage — ceiling storage makes a nice location — where out-of-season kids items can be stored and save closet storage space for the in-season items.overheadstorage-300x198

Are There Oversized Items in Your Closets?

Items best stored in the garage are items that are too big for the closet. For example, your kids might like to have their playhouse out frequently, but it takes up almost the entire closet? Would it really be that much harder for you to bring the playhouse out from the garage each time it’s requested? If not, the garage is a much better place to store this large item. Additionally, when your garage is clean and tidy, you can create a play are for those larger items in the garage.

When you use your garage and closet space together strategically, you can maximize space, live more comfortably, and still hang on to items you know the kids will love.

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