Spring Flowers Spring is finally here! If you are more than ready to spend time outdoors, you have to start now getting your lawn and garden together. If you haven’t already removed all garden debris from last year., do so. Shred and compost the debris and add two to four inches of compost to your garden beds.

It is not too early to plant some flowers – stick to cool season varieties such as snap dragons, sweet peas, or English and African daises. These flowers can stand up to a frost so they are perfect for the ify May weather in Chicago. Later in May , as it begins to warm, plant Shirley, Iceland, California poppies and Persian buttercups. May is also the time to plant new shrubs and trees.

Perennials persist for many seasons, so once you plant them, you will reap the benefits for years. Plant perennials in April including; peonies, daylilies, yarrow, azaleas, bleeding heart, and knock-out roses. Attract butterflies and repel deer by planting Sundrops. Carefully uncover roses and remove excess mulch. Hose around the base, topdress the soil, and apply a slow release fertilizer.

Don’t’ forget about a lush green lawn. Gently rake the grass to remove leaves and other debris.  Spread crab grass control early to mid-April, before they have a chance to grown. Turn soil in bald spots and spread seeds and fertilizer. All the rain should help turn those seeds to grass and turn it all green.

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