White Rabbit got its start because of our own garage frustrations, and when we were first developing the business, all we did was talk about garages. As you can see from this little peek inside the Bunny Hutch, it had quite the impact on our kids.

Fun is part of the White Rabbit company culture. We know that when our employees are having fun, they’re more likely to feel good about their work, be motivated to do their best, and be emotionally invested in success.

We don’t focus on making profit; we focus on quality and total customer satisfaction. We believe that the by-product of our focus is profit. We’re in business to provide the best possible customer satisfaction we can, knowing that when we do, it will be profitable for everyone. Many of the foundational ideas about our company were developed in the Bunny Hutch.

We hope you can find ways to introduce fun into your work day. You’ll be amazed at the magic you can create!

Hopping To It…

The Rabbit


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