kids-storage-design-300x194Cleaning and organizing is not a fun job for anyone! While you like your home to be clean, if you had to choose between cleaning and seeing the latest James Bond movie, well, 007 would probably win out every time! So if adults would rather participate in a fun activity, what about getting children involved in the cleaning process? The key is to make cleaning and organizing as much fun as possible.

With more than one little one in the home, make putting toys away a game. Who can put away more toys faster? Who can find all the pieces of the Candy Land game? Let your children know that whoever has the most wins at the end of the week will get to choose the weekend outing destination. If you have little ones that aren’t able to read yet, tape pictures onto the drawers or cabinets that hold each item – this will also help with their recognition skills.

When you have just one little one at home, entice them to put their toys away with play dates. Let them know that they can’t have friends over until their room is clean. Putting toys away should be a part of actually playing with them and something that children learn early. Another key to a clean room is to purge toys as they become older and outgrow younger ones. Children learn from adults, so it is vital that as parents you are able to let things go, regardless of sentiment. While organizing is not easy, once you have a system in place, staying organized is easy!

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