zionpic2-300x200As Spring blossoms and warmer weather draws near, the days are getting longer. Longer days mean the sun shines longer. Let all the sun in through clean windows.

If you have had your windows replaced in the last decade, than you probably have windows that tilt in for easy cleaning. Make sure to put down towels or paper to protect floors and walls from any dust or cleaning product overspray.  Use the brush and crevice tools on your vacuum on the glass and in the frame before applying wet solution.

You have many options on what to actually clean your windows with. Traditional products use ammonia or vinegar for cleaning. There are also many products available now that are natural, chemical free which are less harmful to you, your family, pets, and the environment.

Once you have sprayed the glass, you have to wipe off. Paper towel is easy, but can leave lint and streaks. Newspaper or newsprint paper leaves less lint behind. Wipe the inside of the window in a horizontal motion and the outside vertically. This way if there are streaks, you will know which side to go over. If your windows don’t tilt, tag team the cleaning with a friend. While you clean inside, they clean outside.

If you have a lot of windows, and are eco-conscious, then a squeegee would be the best option.  Squeegees make quick work of cleaning windows, but you must wipe the blade often to prevent reapplying solution on the area you just cleaned.

Have a professional clean the outside of large, fixed picture windows. Bring Spring and Summer inside with clean windows!

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