muddyshoeresize-200x300There is a never-ending battle between cleanliness and dirt in households that simultaneously have kids and carpets. No matter how frequently you tell them to take off their shoes before they come inside inside, kids will inevitably leave something indoors after heading out to play and rush up the stairs, leaving a muddy trail behind them.

If you’re a parent just about ready to declare dirt the winner of this battle, here’s a simple solution you probably haven’t thought of before: make your garage the primary entrance to your home, especially for your kids. Leave the front door for guests and deliveries. Use the garage to go in and out. Why will this work? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. There is more space between the outdoors and your carpet when you use your garage as your entryway. This means a greater chance that your kids will actually think about taking their shoes off before they hit the carpet.
  2. You can customize your garage for your kids. When you put all of their outdoor gear and sports equipment in the garage where they can find it, your kids will be less likely to run into the house looking for something.  You can even stock a refrigerator with water bottles and sodas so your kids won’t bring their messes inside when looking for a drink.
  3. You can designate part of your garage to be your “mud room” or “mud hallway.” Kids (and adults) can remove shoes there so that the rest of the house and garage stay mud free.

When all is said and done, it’s fairly simple to declare cleanliness the winner in its battle with dirt when you designate the garage as your entry space. A clean and organized garage can encourage your kids to stay outside or in the garage when their shoes are messy.

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