White Rabbit Garage Organizers has been in business for 22 years. When we first started the company, like every new owner, everything we talked about at the dinner table had something to do with our business. Peg board, cabinets, organizers, and every garage that we passed by with an open garage door gave us more to discuss. Garages were, apparently, all that we talked about. It wasn’t until our daughter came home from kindergarten one day that we realized just how much garage organization had been on our minds.

house picture1Our daughter was asked by her kindergarten teacher to draw a picture of a house. When she brought it home, we realized that garage organization had taken over our household. The picture of her house was a typical house, with a pointed roof and some windows and a door… But the house was only a minor detail. The main focus of our daughter’s work of art was an attached garage that was larger than the size of the house, with carefully drawn cabinets inside.

You probably don’t find many kindergarteners drawing a picture of a house with a well-organized garage as the main focus. When we started the business, we were just totally immersed in making sure that we created the best business possible and provided the very best solutions for our customers.

We still have that picture and we share it with our clients. It’s just terrific. It makes us smile and brings us back to the days when we started the company. It also makes us realize how much garage organization does affect kids.

The garage can be a haven for disasters and accidents. Safety is one of the key reasons why people decide to organize their garages – either their child has been hurt or they are afraid the child will be. The fear is real; according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), one in four kids is injured in the garage or by the garage door every year.

Whether it’s having chemicals in reach of kids, having so much stuff in the garage that something falls on them or having your garage become a haven for rodents, the risk is there. The best way to protect your kids is to have storage solutions that give you a safe place to keep lawn and garden chemicals, tools, bug sprays, paints, oil, gas, vehicle additives and any other hazardous items you keep in your garage. Organizing can also help you make rodents and other pests feel much less welcome in your garage.

Keeping your kids safe in the garage is as easy as following these key steps:

  • Move chemicals, wires, and tools out of reach
  • Create a separate storage area for kids’ belongings away from adult items
  • Make sure your garage door has an automatic override that will detect and reverse when something is in the way
  • Install a great storage rack for balls to prevent them from rolling around the garage floor, tripping people
  • If you have a fridge in your garage, keep it locked so your kids can’t play inside
  • Don’t let kids be in the garage unsupervised
  • Secure bikes to prevent them from falling on the car and to keep the car from crashing into them
  • Make sure your garage is well lit

For more information on garage safety for kids, visit these websites:

The Home Safety Council

Parents.com Garage Safety Basics

Garage safety can be made easy when you have an organized garage that gives you a specific place to store all of your things. You may even be able to get the car back in the garage and out of the weather this year!

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