MP900341439In this age of information and mobility, we’re doubly busy. We have more to get done than we ever have before. Sometimes, we’re so stressed that doing little things like returning a call or entering an item into the calendar seem to be too much. This is usually why people say they don’t have time to get organized. They don’t have time to reorganize their garages or home offices because they have so many other things to do.

This might be true, but it actually takes more time to be disorganized than it does to just devote some time to organization. When you are disorganized, you spend a lot of time looking for things. You also aren’t as efficient when you work in a disorganized space because the physical clutter also clutters your mind. If you are disorganized day after day, then this is a problem you face day after day. Instead of just losing a few hours on one day organizing, you loose hours upon hours each week when you add up all of the little minutes that disorganization costs you.

Solving this problem doesn’t require devoting vasts amount of your week or even a single day to organization. Instead, you can organize the way you’ve become used to getting disorganized in the past — a few minutes at a time. De-clutter a coffee table on a commercial break, re-arrange a crowded kitchen cabinet while you wait for a pot to boil. Play put-away games with your kids while you help them re-organize their bedrooms.

There are a number of online resources for those who want to organize with just a few minutes available. One of the best resources is Get Organized Now, a website with videos and articles about how to get organized quickly and in a way that will last. Get Organized Now can be accessed via their website, Facebook or Twitter.If you think you’re too busy to get organized, that probably means that you need to get organized right away — you’ll save time in the long run.


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