Transforming a Garage into a Hang-out Space

A garage is a great space to store items you won’t need for a while, as well as items you need quick access to. It’s the space for outdoor toys, tools, and, of course, vehicles. However, the garage is often overlooked as a good summer hang-out area. Whether it’s because visitors unexpectedly showed up before you had time to clean the house, or because you want a place for your rowdy teenagers to leave you in peace but still be safe, a garage can provide a spacious area to have fun in. Below you’ll find some easy ways to transform your garage from storage area to party area, and back again!


Obviously, this will really only work if you have an already clean and organized garage. But if you’ve already worked with White Rabbit to optimize your garage space, making it livable will be a piece of cake! The most essential item to making a room comfortable for visiting is to provide seating. Most people will be delighted by the cleanliness of your garage, and will not be expecting a leather couch (although that is, of course, an option). Folding chairs—with or without cushions—will be just fine for a garage. You’ll also want to get a foldable card table or two so people can set drinks drown, eat, and play games. Also, if you plan on frequently using your garage for get-togethers, you may want to make sure there are lots of spaces, or even a stand, to hang jackets and purses. If you have not yet worked with White Rabbit to help you customize your garage space, we can help you build a garage storage system with entertainment in mind.


Many garages already have electricity and outlets. If not, you can work with an electrician to get electricity running to your garage. Then, you can get a heater so that even when it gets colder, you and your guests will be comfortable. You can also add a refrigerator (you can choose either a full-sized fridge or a mini-fridge, depending upon your needs) for drinks and snack items. Finally, consider getting a television. The garage is a great place to watch sports games. With electricity in your garage, you can also have a stereo for card games or summer night chats.


Of course, decorations aren’t absolutely necessary, but they do go a long way in making people feel comfortable. A well-organized garage generally has quite a bit of free wall space anyway, so you may as well use it and have fun with it! Check out a local hobby store or sports store. You can usually find interesting and unique wall hangings that match your own taste. If you are interested in cars or sports, you can use the traditional garage décor, but if not, don’t be afraid to do something you—choose country decorations, posters of Rock and Roll stars, or just some accents for color. You don’t have to go overboard with the decorating—just a little bit here and there will do just fine. You can also get curtains to hang in the windows, along with a fabric wall hanging or two to increase the comfort value.

Most of these suggestions are quick, easy, and will make people forget that they are in a garage!

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