Whether you have young children or just a very inquisitive spouse, hiding presents before Christmas always presents a debacle of momentous proportions. You need to find a safe, dry place to hide your gifts, but this also has to be a place where the person who is about to receive them will never look. Enter the garage. While a messy garage isn’t a good storage location for Christmas gifts, since the odds that they will be damaged are high, a well organized garage can also be a well chosen hiding spot.

Mislabeled Boxes 

Young Woman Holding Christmas Gifts --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Young Woman Holding Christmas Gifts — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

You can be a mischievous elf with this secret tactic that parents have managed to keep hush for generations. Simply mislabel your box of presents with an item that your spouse or children will not want to handle. For example: craft glue, mouse traps or light bulbs. Don’t go too over the top with the names, or they will seem odd. However, in a well-organized space, a labeled box doesn’t seem out of place, and no one will think to check that the contents really do match up with the label.

This tactic doesn’t quite work in a messy space; your spouse or child will get suspicious that a label ended up on a box at all. (Oh, and if you’ve always wondered why your mom kept so many boxes of liver in the fidge as a child, you’re right, they were probably chocolate chip cookies.)

White Rabbit’s garage cabinets do a great job of hiding mislabeled boxes.

Out of Reach 

This one might not work for your spouse, but it will for your kids. You can simply place the box of presents out of reach. In fact, many kids get amusement from hours spent staring at a box they know holds their Christmas presents.

White Rabbit’s ceiling storage, or the highest shelf of one of your custom cabinets work well for this tactic. However, you should always make sure to talk with your kids about the real dangers of climbing up ladders or on chairs to try to reach presents. And just in case they do decide to try this daring type of behavior, make sure the area around them is clear of sharp, dangerous items like tools. Losing your presents for Christmas is bad enough — you wouldn’t want to throw a broken arm into the mix.

Out of Sight 

Even the most organized garages are full of stuff — sports equipment, coolers, tools and stored decorations from other seasons. It’s easy to find a place behind or under these items that your kids and spouse will never look. For example, you can stick a present behind a bin of basketballs or, if you use White Rabbit’s Polyurea floor coating that reduces moisture, under your cabinets. This is even easier than mislabeling boxes because you do not have to create such an elaborate ruse, but it still gets the job done — your kids and spouse will have no idea where their presents are hiding.

With a well-organized garage, present hiding can be fun! Just make sure you always pick a safe, clean dry space for the presents, and talk to your kids about what looking for presents might mean. The last thing you want is for your kids to think you’re making a game out of hiding the presents when you really do mean to take them back if the kids peek!

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