halloween-party Halloween can be a fun time of the year whether you have kids or not. If you do have kids, you may have already been pleaded with to have a Halloween Party. Luckily for you, you’ve already had White Rabbit come and make your garage an organized, comfortable wonderland. If you haven’t, now’s the time before it gets too cold out to comfortably organize!

With a White Rabbit organized garage, hosting a fun-filled Halloween party for your children will be easy and even fun for you! Best of all, you get to keep the mess and noise contained to your garage, and away from your house. Just be sure that your garage is properly insulated and heated to keep out the cold.

Also, don’t forget that polyurea flooring is perfect for garage parties. It’s durable, so no amount of running, jumping, dancing or spilling is going to damage or stain the floor. It’s also warmer and more comfortable than concrete or other garage floor coverings. So, if you don’t already have polyurea flooring, this is yet another great reason to get it!


Many people don’t consider it, but allowing kids to decorate for their own parties lets them have fun, expel some of the pent-up energy and excitement surrounding the party, and relieves some of the party prep pressure on you. Sure, it may not look perfect, but we guarantee it will be adorable.

Make a run to your local party store and pick up however much random Halloween décor you think they’ll need. The age group of the children will dictate what kind of decorations you’ll get. If you have a younger age group, streamers, balloons, fake spider webs and other easy, non-scary decorations will work best. For older children, dismembered hands and skeletons may be in order. If they are old enough, you can even buy them a brain mold so that they can make Jell-O brains to snack on.

Food and Drink

This garage has plenty of space for a party now that White Rabbit is done with it.

This garage has plenty of space for a party now that White Rabbit is done with it.

Additionally, the well-organized and arranged garage provides excellent space to set out food and drink. Use the workbench, the garden bench if you have one, and any other work space. You can even set an extra table as a buffet, or clear out a cabinet and remove the doors for more food surfaces. This way, the little partiers will have access to all they need without running in and out of your house.

One of the best things about having kids’ parties in a garage is the amount of space there is for games. Remember games like musical chairs and hot potato? Bring them back! Many children have never played these games before, so they will be brand new to them. You can play traditional Halloween songs, like “Monster Mash” for these games, for added Halloween fun.

Also, you will probably have enough space for a dance floor. You can purchase small electric disco balls for relatively cheap, and place a few around the room for a fun party feel. You can even have a “Thriller” dance activity, in which you show the video (if the kids are old enough) and have the kids try to learn the dance.

All of the above suggestions, along with a properly energetic costume contest will make your Halloween party—and your garage—the envy of the neighborhood. The only thing you need to be afraid of this Halloween is that after this year’s party, your kids will want to have a party every Halloween!

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